10 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

Are you expecting a new baby due soon? It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or tenth child. We’ve all heard “advice” from well-meaning acquaintances. However, with all the advice available, what do you know which ones to trust? For your convenience, I can go directly to an OBGYN anytime I need. Doctor. Victoria DeSantos is a working doctor from New Jersey, a mom of three children, and my sibling.

I talked to her via phone to listen to her top 10 suggestions to have healthy pregnant women.

tips for a healthy pregnancy

Top 10 tips for a healthy pregnancy.

1. Eat healthy:

Especially vegetables and fruits. Also, be mindful not to overdo carbs. It is also essential to consume the right amount of food. The old saying of eating two meals a day isn’t the case. You can eat for yourself. Keep in mind that a baby is tiny when compared to your own. Therefore an infant that is the size of a small seed isn’t going to need its meal—exercise appropriate portion control. Naturally, if you’re hungry and want to eat, then you should eat. However, you don’t need to make yourself eat, or be that you have to eat for two. If you begin to feel well, you can eat some snacks. Small snacks throughout the day are beneficial if you suffer from sickness or nausea. However, make sure that the foods are nutritious.

2. Fitness:

If you workout regularly, then continue doing the things you’re at ease doing. If, for instance, you were a CrossFit person before having a baby, for example, continue to do it. You can continue doing it until you are uncomfortable. If, however, you’ve never done significant exercises before your pregnancy, this isn’t the best time to get started on doing something so intense. If you’re not a regular fitness enthusiast, a 30- minute walk every day is sufficient.
Prenatal vitamins are essential to Take any over-the-counter prenatal product is okay. Hot tip: look up your insurance to see whether they’ll cover the prenatal vitamins. A lot of them will!

3. Prenatal vitamins are essential.

Take any available prenatal over the counter is acceptable. Hot tip: look up your insurance to see whether they pay for one. A lot of them will!

4. Reduce stress

It’s particularly difficult when you already have a child living at home, and also since we live in a time of unprecedented stress. Try to limit the stress to the extent you can. Do things each day that will make you less anxious.

5. Sleep as much as possible

This is sometimes much more complicated than it sounds however, do it anyway.

6. Keep hydrated

It will help alleviate constipation and cramps which can be frequent during pregnancy.

7. Avoid drinking alcohol and taking substances

It’s evident, but it still must be stated.

8. Have your vaccine for the flu

Women who are pregnant are more vulnerable to complications caused by the flu, so protect yourself by getting your flu shot. Plus, it could aid in passing on antibodies to the infant.

9. Get your T-Dap vaccination:

Your T-Dap vaccine helps increase the amount of antibodies that are transferred to the baby through the placenta as well as the breast milk. This, in turn, can aid in protecting against whooping cough which can be fatal to babies.

10. Maintain your regular doctor appointments throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Regular regular checks are performed to ensure your weight and blood pressure, are under control. Every urine test you take at these appointments will help ensure that you are getting the right levels of certain substances like sugars and proteins. “We are more than simply check the baby’s heartbeat. We also check the health that the mom is in,” says Dr. DeSantos. “Routine examinations are crucial in identifying issues such as pre-eclampsia.”

Healthy Pregnancy tips

Be aware of when to call the doctor.

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed below If you experience any of the following symptoms, the Center for Disease Control recommends contact your physician:

  • Vaginal bleeding or leakage of fluid
  • Contractions that last 20 minutes apart or less
  • All kinds of pain
  • The cramps are intense.
  • Heart palpitations
  • Affright or dizziness
  • The baby’s activity is decreased
  • Breathing shortness


Whatever tips you follow no matter what advice you take, one thing is certain, pregnancy happens rather quickly in the overall scale of life. Take your time to enjoy your pregnancy and take it easy. Take it easy mama. You are developing into a human being. Best of luck and all the best!